Lotus Grand - AMENITIES

Set in a stunning environment of open spaces and lush greenery, the homes of Lotus Grand have shared common facilities to enhance the community experience. A large lake in the center of the enclave is a beautiful focal point for the community for exercise, recreation and social events.

Jogging / Bike Pathway
A beautifully landscaped jogging and bike pathway wends its way through the serene green surrounds of the area around your neighborhood at Lotus Grand, making it the perfect place to work out or simply enjoy a walk in the evening with your loved ones.

Event Amphitheatre
For residents in the community, a purpose built amphitheatre is the ideal spot for gatherings and events. This is sure to become the social hub for the community, a place to gather and meet your neighbors.

Children’s Playground
A private playground will no doubt become the hot favorite place to tempt your kids to leave their internet devices behind to go and get exercise and fresh air.

Rock And Landscaped Gardens
See beauty everywhere you look when you are home in Lotus Grand. The homes in the community are surrounded by attractive landscaped rock gardens and greenery which provide respite from the sun and soothing balm for your soul.

Central Lake For Recreational Activities
A private lake, the centerpiece of the Lotus development will be the focal point of the enclave. This extensive body of water will bring nature closer to you, and will be available for recreational activities for the residents of Lotus Grand.

Picnic Benches
What better place to stop and contemplate the beauty of your exclusive private gated enclave than from the strategically located picnic benches located around the neighborhood? Pack a picnic and enjoy the fresh outdoors with friends and family without having to go very far from the comfort and privacy of home.

  • Jogging/Bike Pathway
  • Picnic Benches
  • Kid's Playground
  • Amphitheater for event
  • Landscaped and Rock Gardens
  • Lake for Various activities
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